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Jobmensa is the largest job exchange for students in Germany. The platform was founded by former students in 2008 and is operated by the personnel service provider Studitemps. Since then, it has been Studitemps priority to provide all students with a fairly paid and flexible part-time job. They successfully fill 6,500 jobs per month.

The registration on Jobmensa is completely free. After signing up and completing their profile and job preferences, the student will receive some job recommendations on the portal, by email or SMS. The next step for the students is applying to their dream jobs. After getting a confirmation from the employer and having completely done the work, now they can upload their worked hours in Jobmensa and that´s it. It´s time to get payed!

Jobmensa is one of the digital products that CaBoJa is actually working on for Studitemps. The other ones contain software for legal processes, and a portal for clients (student employers) where they can perform every step associated with the process of hiring students.

Working with Studitemps was a great challenge for us. Taking care of the software architecture, back-end, front-end, project management and DevOps we were able to deliver brilliant, intuitive and ultra-modern distributed softwares.

Some of the technologies involved in the development were Ruby on Rails, Elixir and Phoenix, PostgreSQL, Bootstrap, RabbitMQ, Docker, DDD (Domain Driven Design).

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